Thursday, July 19

This just in

I was sitting in my dining room reading. Out of nowhere I heard screeching brakes.

The collision sounded like a soda can being crumpled underfoot, though on a much larger scale, and just as quick. As soon as I made it to the window on that side of my place, the neighborhood folk were gathering with cell phones out dialing.

I walked and crossed the street to see the top side of the minivan. All of the side windows were smashed out and I was grateful to find that the driver had escaped, unharmed. He was fine and removing his wares within minutes. The other car was one of those big old low cars and it was damaged, but I didn't see its front.

At this intersection on Brooks Street, the minivan had the right-of-way and the cross street has stop signs. Apparently, the young man in red shorts completely blew through the stop sign and into the side of the van. It was a Plymouth minivan.

The emergency people quickly arrived and the firemen poured sand on leaking fluid and swept up the glass. No one was hurt and as of now the van is on the back of a truck. Though the neighborhood turned out gawking and I got to meet the neighbors, I still felt too much like a voyeur taking this picture.

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