Saturday, July 7

A massive, hypocritical fraud

Today Al Gore had a giant Earth concert thing, which I only managed to watch for about a minute before changing the channel. (What can I say? Dave Matthews was playing.) The Mail points out how it's "a massive, hypocritical fraud" that a bunch of celebrities, who live in giant houses with lots of cars, are jetting around the world playing concerts to crowds promoting the environment while using enormous amounts of energy.

I had an environmental studies class this spring and it was very clear that the environmental people take it to religious levels. The temperature of the Earth is always rising or decreasing and the effect humans have on it is a drop in the ocean compared to the role the sun plays.

This spring I saw Al Gore's film and in honor of his concerts, today I watched the Great Global Warming Swindle. It's online in eight 10 minute clips. Ignoring my feelings on their content, the Swindle is a better film than Gore's.

It does an excellent job laying out the facts and de-bunking all the stuff that the environmentalists say. Turns out carbon dioxide levels, the basis of Gore's film, run 800 years behind temperature change, in contrast to Gore who says CO2 causes temperature changes. Rather solar activity, both in brightness and atmospheric cloud formation, more directly correlate as the cause of temperature changes.

I want to remain brief, but the film also covers the government funding monster that propagates global warming, it exposes the abuse of science and scientists, and shows how environmentalists want a return to and have romanticized peasant life (which works well with their communistic agenda).


Dorshorst said...

Worth checking out.
No Sun link to climate change

I do agree that Live Earth was mostly futile. No one went to the concerts and had their views changed. And nothing was done to actually stop global warming.

Mike said...