Monday, July 30

Bach attack

From the west coast:

City authorities, fed up with gang activity in public places, are taking Bach their bus stop.

Transit workers are installing speakers this week to pump classical music from Seattle's KING-FM into the Tacoma Mall Transit Center. The tactic is designed to disperse young criminals who make drug deals at the bus stop or use public transportation to circulate between the mall and other trouble-prone places.

That's hilarious and quite a simple solution if it works.

Too bad people in general know little about classical music anymore. The author only mentions "Bach, Brahms and Beethoven" and "divertimentos, scherzos and polonaises". That's scraping the top of the iceberg. Sonatas, concertos, strum und drang anyone? How could they not mention Mozart? But the biggest faux pas has to be that Beethoven wasn't classical, he ushered in the romantic period.

But that's just splitting hairs of stuff that people find repulsive. If someone wanted to disperse me they'd have to play the opposite: either rap or country music. I think I'll put on a record of Eroica.

I think the great composers are more interesting than a lot of the musicians in the past century. They were all child genus people types working to make art whereas a lot of modern radio music seems to be variations of a 4 minute formula: three verses, a bridge/key change, and then wrap it up. Something all musicians have in common is being broke. The composers had to find patrons to sponsor them otherwise they had no income as people freely copied their sheet music without paying royalties. That happened to Mozart and then he dropped died at 35. Beethoven, on the other hand, went deaf; that's got to be the definition of irony.

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