Tuesday, June 26

Is my state run by morons?

Apparently yes, at least the state senate is. Right now, I'm praying for an opt-out option.

Some analysis by people I know: pro / con

It makes me rather sad to see the start of this place going down the tubes. How I did fancy Wisconsin; if these shenanigans are still transpiring when I graduate and look for an engineering job, I don't see myself staying here.

Benjamin Franklin was a pretty smart guy. I used to cringe whenever I saw or heard liberals use his quote about liberty and security against stuff the president has done, but I had a bit of a realization today. His quote is quite flexible: "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary [economic] security, deserve neither liberty nor security."

Since now maintaining your health will be in the state's interest, the door to the nanny-state will be left wide open and the a/c is on. They'll actually have a reason to ban smoking, drinking, fried foods, you name it.

Besides, once this is implemented, no one will ever be able to make it go away.

While the state is buying us all insurance, will they also buy us auto insurance? How about homeowner's insurance?

There is a bright side: a person can always move to a different state. I'd rather have a state experimenting than the federal government.


Erik Opsal said...

"It makes me rather sad to see the start of this place going down the tubes. How I did fancy Wisconsin."

I don't think the world is going to end because of a possible shift in health care plans. Sometimes we take this things a little too seriously. And I agree it's much better for the state to be trying it than for the federal government to.

Mike said...

Yeah, I did come off a bit upset. Lately my posts seem to be having a bit of an unintentionally angry tone. Luckily, the Assembly is controlled by the Republicans--I hope they use this as an opportunity to show that they're actually in touch. But if this were to pass, the taxes would be unbelievable.