Tuesday, May 8

Turning heads in Chicago

Tower twirls and debate starts to swirl

It sounds, at first blush, like an oversize architectural joke — a skyscraper where each floor would revolve independently around a central core, not only making a 360-degree rotation but also creating a constantly shifting profile.

The little-known Italian-Israeli architect and developer who recently announced plans to build such a skyscraper in the desert playland of Dubai was making the rounds in Chicago last week and has designs on adding another rotating tower, housing condos, offices and a hotel, to Chicago's vaunted skyline.

By the way, the article says a fast turn would be 1 revolution every hour, and a slow is one every three.

I wonder if this is possible. Each floor would be prefabricated and then stacked. Some strength would be lost because obviously, no supports could be run outside of the central column. Water and power would have to connect to the rotating parts and it would be a quite a mess if the plumbing connection broke.

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Marci B. said...

I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!!