Saturday, May 5

Mifflin Street 2007

It's that time of year again here in Madison. This year the weather was nicer, no rain, so there were more people there. All around, I think it's safe to say, spirits were high. All photos were taken between 2:30 and 3:45 pm.

The horse patrol emerging from behind the Kohl Center
The south end of Mifflin Street

Police were arresting people if they had glass, or if they stepped onto the sidewalks or streets with open containers.

At the north end of the party

The beauty of Mifflin Street: you can get all your business done, literally within a few feet.
Houses were taking proactive steps to avoid tickets. Some even had bouncers.

The officers tried to ride into the party, but several horses spooked and they never went in more than a few yards.
The police made off with some booty.
People who were arrested were taken to an awaiting city bus to be whisked away.

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