Wednesday, May 2

Beating the dead horse

Today is a nice day so I went for a walk. I conveniently walked up to the city building.

Everything's turned green in the past week. The flowers are out and so are the kiddies. My grade school's 4th grade trip is to the Capitol. That was 10 years ago already for me.

I got up to the city building and there was something going on in the street. The Tibetan flag was flying on two flag poles. This one:

And this one, in front of the city building (click for a bigger image):

Flying the flag doesn't really matter. Furthermore, what I've done is rather ironic. I don't like it when the media blows things up, yet I wrote a little about the flag last week and got linked to it (I'm not trying to flatter myself). So, naturally, I had to follow it up and post about it again, even though it's not important and will be history by the weekend. Simply by mentioning it, it's been given life.

Spring colors around the math building:

The end of the semester is a good time for some self-reflection (a la Brad):

Yeah, I am standing kind of weird, but it was very spur of the moment and there were probably people in the restaurant looking at me.

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