Thursday, April 19

Hokie Hope

Tomorrow, Friday, is Hokie Hope Day. Wear orange and maroon.

Here is what UW-Madison has put on the internet about it. In addition to wearing VT's colors, in the rotunda in Bascom Hall there are banners for signing tomorrow that will be sent to VT. At 11 am, tomorrow, they are having a ceremony at the Memorial Carillon, which is the bell tower between Bascom and the Social Science building. I'd go but I have class.

The heroic actions, such as by the professor who was shot while holding the door shut so his students could jump out the windows, help to soften the blow in that average people can rise to noble actions. Yet the shootings remain a tragedy. It is unfathomable to imagine being in class one moment and a gunman bursting in and shooting the next. I doubt there hasn't been a student in the country in the past week who hasn't run through the scenario in his head. It is horrifying and utterly out of any sane person's control. No one packs his bag and heads to class thinking that today is his last day.

It seems too cliche to say that it goes to show that nothing should be taken for granted, but it is true. We live in the best country in the world and our affluence has afforded us a division from the hardships of life--and even the fragility of life, itself.

It was a hard jolt. We often lose sight of the big picture; we often get caught up in the deadlines, assignments, and duties of life but suddenly, events like this put it all back into perspective. In a few words, life is short, do your best and be happy. Be grateful for everyday and for the people you know. We are lucky and blessed to be here.

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