Wednesday, April 11

An Earth Shattering Revelation

Quite mind-blowing, I know. Perhaps a little surprising, though, is that the traditional classifications only add up to 48%. A picture says a thousand words, so I'll save some time.

If you're wondering about me, I'm in the 'none listed' group. It's not that I don't care, rather, I'm somewhere between conservatism and libertarianism but I don't fit in either.

Out of curiosity and for a comparison, I looked up my parents' college, Virgina Tech. If I weren't a Badger, then I'd probably have been a Hokie. They said VT is substantially more conservative and that even during the Vietnam turmoil, there were no protests. As you can see, they're pretty well balanced. Also, the other groups, from the pie chart, were in roughly the same proportions.

Let's do statistics! The general population should fall into a symmetrical bell curve centered on the moderates. Here I've taken the categories and numbered them 1 to 5, with 'very lib' = 1, and 'very cons' = 5. Three is the mean of 1 to 5. For UW-Madison the mean is 2.46, with a standard deviation of .91. Virginia Tech has a mean of 3.02 and a deviation of .77. One can therefore conclude, Madison is liberal with some variation whereas Virgina Tech is virtually centered down the middle.

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