Saturday, March 3

Walking like giant cranes

This is the view looking north out of one of my windows. Another crane went up today.

(click on it for the full sized image)

That's North Park Street on the left. My window is above the railroad. The tan building in the foreground is the New Ogg Hall which will replace the two Ogg towers, on the right side of the picture, when they're demolished in June. I think the architect must be going for some kind of competition because the New Ogg has a rather funky design.

Anyway, on Friday I noticed the bottom of a new crane tower between Grainger Hall and Park. Grainger is the building two blocks up on the left and they're building a large addition. As I suspected, today I woke up and the tower was put up and the cranes were starting to put on the horizontal part.

Piece by piece it went up and it was done by early afternoon. That makes for 4 cranes I can see out my window (there's a fifth behind a building): two at Grainger and the other two at the new University Square, which looks interesting.

e.c.: name the song


Brad V said...

Wolf at the Door

Mike said...

yep, good stuff

Ryan Gallentine said...

The views from the new U-Square are amazing. I'd never have the cheddar to live there though.

Mike said...

I think the building going up will be pretty cool, then again, I'm concentrating on construction. I think a grocery store would do well in one of the retail spots; there's not one in this part of town and there's thousands of students. Also taller buildings are more efficient (and environmentally friendlier).