Tuesday, March 27

Procrastinate, v

Guess what I'm doing!

From the Oxford English Dictionary (the big one):

from Latin, procrastinare to put off till the morrow, to defer, pro + crastin-us belonging to tomorrow, (from cras to-morrow)

Evidently even those Romans put things off.

1. postpone till another day, put off
first used in 1588 by J. Harvey "The significations of this Coniunction happening in the watrie Trigon, are procrastinated or prolonged untill after sixe Coniunctions immediately insuing"

2. to defer action, delay, be dilatory
first used in 1638 by a Sir T. Herbert "Bacherchan having commission to persecute Curroon, procrastinates not."

I'll finish this post later, I'm feeling really dilatory right now...

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