Thursday, March 22

Oh Crap!

To be honest I didn't really care too much when the School of Business started a dialogue with the community (heh, I sound like a liberal) last semester about starting a differential tuition scheme. That's where in addition to the standard university-wide tuition, the S. of B. students pay an additional amount each semester. All those cushy chairs and lecture halls do cost quite a bit. I don't know how far it's been implemented so far.

Yesterday the headline story in the Badger Herald was about how the College of Engineering is looking to do the same. I had to take a double look at it. There was another article today. Whereas it was $500 per semester I believe for the business students, it's going to be $700 for us. There's about 3,500 of us so that makes an additional $4.9 million per year.

At first I was slightly upset and wondering why. Then I got to thinking about it and quite frankly it sucks, but hey, we get a great education. I can't decide; it's not apathy. Some of my engineering classmates today were angry and showing it.


  • All the other Big 10's engineering schools do it
  • An engineering degree costs more than a L&S one, we've got costly labs
  • Simple economics, we make more than 50k out of the gate and recruiters hunt us whereas other graduates have to hunt down jobs, also they can afford to turn potential students away
  • When we graduate we're "professionals like with the law school..."
  • Keep our competitiveness with top facilities and professors
  • Maintain the value of our degrees
  • Tuition costs money; an additional $1400 per year!?!
  • With extra cost, we'll only take the minimum credits and not take other subjects outside our engineering, math, and science for interest or personal growth
  • They already laugh as they tell us that we can and will graduate in 4 years
  • We're not exactly "professionals" upon graduation, there's still licensing and work experience
  • It seems the dean got a rubber stamp group of students together to review it who would approve it anyway
  • The College seems to be a little "top-heavy" (if you catch my drift) with extra staff that doesn't seem to do much
  • UW-Milwaukee's Engineers currently pay $15 per credit per semester additionally, that'd be $240 for a typical 16 credits, not our proposed $700!
I don't really feel strongly either way, which bothers me because it's important. I see both sides. We, engineers, as a group, are probably the least likely to rally and protest so they've got us.

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