Wednesday, February 28

the Battle of Bascom Hill

On facebook on Monday, Tom declared a snowball fight on Bascom Hill, Wednesday at 12:55 pm. I guess it was in celebration of the recent snowfall. On facebook about 85 people said they were coming and approximately 200 said they might. I turned out with my camera to document for the ages the ensuing battle.

some people starting to show up

It ended up being a fizzle, but the Badger Herald and the Daily Cardinal both showed up, the media blowing up stories like usual. I was representin' the Beacon.

For most of it, it was about 25 people standing in the middle of the green throwing snowballs at people walking down the hill in front of the Law Building. I'm surprised the Althouse Vortex didn't at least snap a few pictures; it happened right outside her window.

Some passers-by freaked out and unleashed strings of inappropriate words. Others returned fire towards the belligerents. Many a snowball was struck down by the trees. It was over within about 10 minutes.

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