Tuesday, February 13

Another new Beacon!

Our second issue of the semester was printed today. We turned two years old yesterday, Feb 12th, Abe Lincoln's birthday. Our centerpiece article is an interview of Mayor Dave. Be sure to check it out, leave some comments, and click on the ads!

Just kidding with the last one, or am I?

Perhaps you've noticed that a new issue of the paper is my main catalyst for posting. I mean to post more, but I don't like blogorrhea.

Besides, the running the paper takes up a lot of time. Trying to make an "alternative" paper successful in Madison is an uphill battle, but it's worth it. By alternative, I mean, of course, conservative with a dash of libertarian.

It's unfortunate, that the "open minded" people are afraid of a different viewpoint. In particular, someone in the physics building really doesn't like us. Last week, most every day when I have class there, I walked past the baskets and someone was trying to cover up the stack and finally, after a week, they just put the whole pile into the trash. So much for trees.

But hardship is good. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. When I took the helm (ha, maritime) of the Beacon over winter break, I updated the look of the paper. When they're looking for any way to debunk us as a newspaper, the look is the most prominent as it's the packaging. I would venture to say that our appearance is on par with other student publications now.

A good paper doesn't just look nice; we have to fill it with copy. A lot of people seem to think that we are just the angry little conservative newspaper. We do a good job, I think, of keeping the politics to the opinion section. Good news is factual. Besides, so what? Read it and if you disagree, your beliefs are strengthened. What ever happened to "winnowing and sifting"?

We may not be big and few may pay attention to us, but I enjoy making the paper. I see our role as modern muckrakers, just like journalists a century ago, except we plow through the liberals' b.s. And I mean, this is Madison, we're here sitting in the heart of it.

I think the future is bright for the Beacon. A talented group of people has stepped up to the plate and each issue is better than the last.

P.S. I also wrote an opinion in this issue.


Critical Badger said...

is the beacon ever looking for some material? there are a lot of local stories I think the "mainstream" misses. Conservative or not, they are important.

Mike said...

All the time. What stories are you thinking about? I'd love to hear them.

Brad V said...

Congrats on hitting that 2 year milestone - it's quite amazing given the long odds all along!

Critical Badger said...

Mike, I will make sure to contact you.

Mike said...