Sunday, December 10

A nation divided

And you thought red versus blue states was big. Earlier this evening, I happened to stumble upon the Great Debate.

I, personally, am a 'soda' person, though I seldom drink any. If you call it 'pop' would it not logically follow to call a 'cow' a 'moo' or a 'toilet' a 'flush'? However, as you can see, I'm from the little sliver of blue that runs along the East Coast of Wisconsin, surrounded in a sea of green. Regardless, the 97,700 pops and 90,700 sodas could easily take on the 40,500 cokes.

For no reason in particular, I took the numbers by state and applied it to the Electoral College. It would certainly be an interesting election. Here are the results: Pop 150, Coke 133, and Soda 255. Alaska, Utah, and Florida were the swing states, Wisconsin went Soda, by the way. To win in the Electoral College, you need a majority, 270, votes. In this case, no party won with a majority, Soda got the plurality, and so the top three candidates would move onto a vote by the House. I couldn't tell what would happen, but Pop and Soda would have to woo the Cokes to win.

There are other websites that map regional things. Who would have guessed that Madison is its own region that's much larger than Milwaukee in a 'city sphere of influence' survey? Or that Southerners' houses get a 'rolling', Texans get a 'wrapping', and New Englanders get a 'papering' instead of a 'tp'ing'? My favorite is the world famous "bubbler".


Jenna said...

I say soda. I think it comes from my Dad, who's from the East Coast. My mom calls it the "teeth decayer." :)

Mike said...

I figure I got it from my parents who are from the East Coast as well.