Sunday, November 19

Registration: Spring 2007

Earlier today, I registered for next semester's classes. It was so exciting: classes filling up and opening every time the timetable is refreshed, wrong class numbers (that you don't find out until the thing pops up for '18th Century Portuguese Literature independent study'), explosions, battles, and sword fights.

As you can imagine, registration isn't really that exciting, but playing the sound track to 'Gladiator' can make anything dramatic.

Finding classes for next semester really isn't that hard.

  1. Read the curriculum.
  2. Look at the timetable.
  3. Decipher.
  4. Repeat until you've got 12-18 credits.

Within a minute of my registration time I had the numbers I got from the timetable (53715, ±¾i, B6, XIV, I-94) plugged into the system. I then found out that two of my sections were full and two other classes conflicted. I used creative repositioning, the timetable, and the schedulizer to finally get all the classes I wanted. It was no small feat. As it turns out, I snuck into a class that was full by registering for its cross-listed counterpart. Ha ha suckers!

Here's what I'm taking:

  • Statistics 275: 99 Exciting Ways to Die
  • Classics 312: Conversational Pig Latin II
  • Art Hist 195: Periodicals in Ancient Egyptian Pop Culture
  • Naval Science 380: Swashbuckling I
  • Naval Science 345: Laughing while Jumping off Objects
  • Mech Engineering 224: Applied Slide Rule Lab
  • Botany 278: The Environmental Impact of Migratory Coconuts

In hindsight, I suppose the joke's on me, since on Thursday, I've got class from 7:45 am to 10 pm. Luckily, it's not straight lectures. Instead it's 2 lectures and 3 labs in two buildings, Engineering Hall and Chamberlain. But, my MWF is looking nice. I have 1,2,2 classes, respectively.

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