Wednesday, November 8

On the recent elections



Oh well, the sun still rose and cafeteria food is still gross.

The Republicans need to get back to basics: small government, low taxes, and high standards.

The news is just breaking that the dems have the Senate, too. On the bright side, it's pretty much right down the middle so neither party will be able to go overboard in either direction.

Here in Wisconsin, Doyle and Baldwin were reelected. There was a victory, J.B. won the A.G. race by the skin of his teeth. Also, the marriage amendment passed, overwhelmingly.

All around, the past few days haven't been to good for Republicans. Lucky for us, now there won't be a shortage of democratic fiascoes to write about in the newspaper. As Dennis York wrote, "Democrats will show us how a bad war is supposed to be run (see LBJ)."

Let's see how things are going in two years.

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