Wednesday, November 29

Isn't it ironic?

Don't you think? The big picture on today's Badger Herald:

I actually didn't have to Photoshop this one, though I did anyway (just kidding. I saw how well the last one went over, but really, I did that quickly. (And, no duh it's all in the same type, I drew it myself.)) I actually mean to blog more, but it's just that I just got done with a Dynamics midterm and now have to write a geography paper, do tons of homework, and it's a publishing weekend). The ironic thing, I think, is that the Sierra Club gave a ton of identical paper postcards to the chancellor telling him to stop burning coal in our power plant, as if seeing the same message a thousand times makes it any less crazy. Indeed, chopping down trees helps mitigate global warming. If it were me (and don't think that we at the Mendota Beacon don't get piles of hate mail; we don't) it takes all of about 5 seconds to throw the pile away. For any activist group: a far more annoying and invasive scheme to pound your inconsequential message into the Chancellor's head (he's an engineer, by the way) would be to send lots of emails, mixing up the subject line, too. However, I don't condone doing that.

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