Tuesday, November 14

Crazy college students!

Today, I picked up one of each daily student newspaper. I got a little chuckle out of their editorial board pieces about the challenge to the recent student referendum to remodel the student unions and raise student fees by about $100 per semester for 30 years.

First, from the slightly left from center, Badger Herald:

... we adamantly oppose the dramatic increase in student-segregated fees mandated by the initiative. We do not support the initiative itself on the grounds that it would put too heavy a burden on students ... the low voter turnout in the paper-ballot elections further fueled our distaste for the measure...

They took the stance that the only thing we have left to do is to beg the chancellor to not allow it to happen.

And now the, out past the left foul pole, Daily Cardinal:

... the UW-Madison Student Judiciary handed down what hopefully spells the end of challenges to the Student Union Initiative victory. The unanimous decision to throw out the case indicates that the Student Judiciary sees the situation as clearly as this editorial board ... [it] fell within constitutional limits. Even the language of the referendum made this clear: It asked students to “support the... plan proposal and the segregated fee increase to help fund it

As for the referendum, I really like how, according to the student president of the union said two weeks ago

So what are the next steps? There is a formal design committee that consists of nine students, two UW staff, two faculty and two alumni. In addition, there will be many subcommittees and open forums to gather input, ideas and feedback from anyone who wishes to be involved.

I don't know much, but it seems like it's a much better idea to decide what to build first and then figure out how much money to procure instead of getting more than $200 million and trying to decide what to toss in. There's that saying about the grocery store and being hungry, well, if you've got $200 million in your pocket, you'd better make a list and stick to it. Especially because it's student run, most of campus turns over every 4 years.

Imagine asking a little kid to redecorate his room and see how long he can settle on one thing. Also, you probably won't spend more than $200 for at most a little paint. Now imagine 40,000 college students, 2 buildings, and 1,000,000 times as much money. What if what they had planned only cost $50 million?

Just thinking about it, two years ago my high school got a $40 million referendum to double the size of the school and they got the works. $200 million for two unions seems like a little much. Ug, that and the whole propaganda campaign they waged! I'll post about that later. Besides only 7% of the students even voted! Total!

40,000 students x $96 x 2 semesters x 30 years = $230 million

For some more laughs, the DC ed. board also wrote about our very own senator potentially running for President in 2008 in "Rational Russ".

While popular here in the Badger state, Feingold would have been a long shot to get the Democratic nomination. He lacks the name recognitions and minority status of two of his likely opponents, namely U.S. Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and Barack Obama, D-Ill. ... Unfortunately, the rest of the country will never learn what Wisconsinites already know—Russ Feingold rocks!

I'm not one for clich├ęs, but, like, gag me with a spoon.

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