Monday, October 23

Gubernatorial Grudge

This photo of the last governors debate was on the front of one of our student newspapers today.

After watching the evolution of the campaigns as they've gone downhill mudslinging over the past several months, I'm rather surprised to see that they allow them to get within 100 yards of each other. On the left, is our darling Doyle and on the right is potential Governor Green. Don't they look cute? What the heck is up with Doyle? That look on his face is indescribable. Is it just me or does he look like the Grinch?

Governor Steals Christmas
December 26, 2006

Madison, WI (AP)-Yesterday, children all across the Badger state woke up to find barren living rooms. Parents were instantly put on the spot as to why promised presents were no where to be found. Though the victims were all children, the dastardly deed has been mitigated by the fact that the alleged acts appear to have been perpetrated proportionately across all demographics.

Rumors currently circulate across the state as to where the gifts have gone. A crucial clue is this home security camera evidence in the image to the right. Additionally, more than a few people have noticed an influx of new items on Ebay for sale with "free gift wrap" being sold by user "bigjim".

As time passes, it seems more and more likely that the governor has some explaining to do. A likely motivation is the need to find large amounts of money with which to pay Wisconsin's huge debts up through fiscal year 2006 created by the lack of foresight by the governor...

And as you can see, Christmas 2006 wasn't pretty. Or how about this, while I'm making up fake news:

Groundswell of Support in Touchy Pay-to-Play Issue Thrusts Governor Confidently Ahead in Debate
October 23, 2006

Madison, WI-

How's that for a Photoshop quickie? I think the story writes itself. Happy Voting!

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