Wednesday, October 25

Glorious Day for DFPPPMPF

Capital City-Today at 12:33:18 pm, the DFPPPMPF passed glorious milestone. Thanks to excellent guidance of great ruler and DFPPPMPF chairman for infinity, Mike, the "Dial F for Fay" weblog received two thousand visitor.

A capitalist computer from ISP 216.79.193.#, or the notorious 'Guildford County Schools' in Greensboro, North Carolina, of loaded this world wide website. After do searching of 'mcdonalds versus subway statics', the imperialist engine of search Google sent.

This glorious achievement only further proves success of the Dial F People's movement against Wisconsin's tyrannous methods of manifestation.

In a national celebration, day of holiday was declared. Handle of national record player was cranked 9 and 5/8 times anti-clockwise allowing assembled Capital City residents to hear the first three songs of superb state band Beat-L's newest record, Comrade Paprika's Joyful Hearts Co-op Association.

Speeches were given. Cork popped loudly.

In honor of great achievement of organized workers of Dial F People's Progressive Party Movement Progress Front (DFPPPMPF), our brothers and sisters of the happy factory products making were gave 5 minutes of lunch. However, lunch was not provided and noble workers donated labour back to the peoples in honour of Great Leader.

Other news, DFPPPMPF reminds people that strife does not go unrewarded. State parliament decreed additional pound of mud and small rocks to each family from recent excess due to great progress in shovel technology which greatly expanded mud and small rock reserves.

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