Wednesday, September 27

Survey Says:

Facebook compiles statistics from what people list on their profiles. Fun fact #1: 116 UW-M people have birthdays tomorrow. #2: 11% of UW males are "conservative", 1% is "very conservative".

A little while back they added a section involving the upcoming elections. I was randomly clicking around on facebook and I found a place that shows how the elections are going. They only included the Governor, U.S. Representatives, and Senators. It'd be interesting to see Lt. Governor or Attorney General, but facebook didn't include those races.

Here's the breakdown of college students in Wisconsin:

Doyle (D): 51.59%
Green (R): 44.98%
Eisman (G): 3.43%

Kohl (D): 85.11%
Vogeler (G): 8.14% !?!
Lorge (R): 4.54%
Gumz (R): 1.84%
Other: 0.37%

District 1 (Southeast WI)
Ryan (R): 88.69%
Thomas (D): 9.48%

District 2 (Madison area)
Baldwin (D): 87.7%
Magnum (R): 12.3% (up 1% from a few days ago)

-in Sensenbrenner's race, he has 58.59% vs 37.67% for the Dem
-Hillary has 82.9% in her race
-down in Texas, Kinky has 71%, followed by the GOP with 16.8%
-WI has 8 House seats, according to this survey, they're split evenly between R & D
-IL Gov, Blagojevich (inc D) has 48.7%, Topinka (R) 37.7%


I could refresh the other one enough to get the political breakdown of campus and then adjust the percentages to reflect the real world, but it's late and I just did 3 hours of differential equations homework. (I will do it eventually)

Overall, campuses lean liberal so if Green is only 6.5% behind, even with all the trash the dems are putting out about him on college campuses, it's looking good for him overall. Conversely, it doesn't look good for Dave Magnum, no matter how you slice it. Finally, I'm pretty surprised that the Republican is coming in 3rd in the Senate race after the green candidate. What's going on there?

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