Friday, September 15

a Primary Party

Last Tuesday evening I was able to do something that I've never seen before: a Primary Party. Right after the College Republican meeting, Right off the Shore gave me a lift to JB's victory party. It was less than half an hour to his town, somewhere north of Madison. Since you may not be too familiar with current politics in Wisconsin, last Tuesday was the primary. For the Attorney General's spot there were two democrats and two Republicans. JB Van Hollen was running against Paul Bucher for the Republican spot.

Upon immediately entering, one could feel the emotion and excitement in the room.

As you can see, it was in a banquet type room. It was mostly older people, then there were a few college students. I felt a little out of place because the other college students had done lots of work for his campaign. Having voted for him earlier in the day and handing out literature for him at Camp Randall before the home football game last weekend helped to mitigate that for the most part.

I got there at about nine and as time passed, more people came and the room started to become crowded. People mingled and talked while watching returns on the big screen. There were at least 5 different tv stations with tv cameras set up in the back along with people with radio equipment. More results were coming in and JB, who at first was getting 70% was drifting down; he ended up with about 60%.

Eventually word was spread that JB would be making an appearence at 10:02. TV reporters were interviewing people and running around setting up. Out the window, all that could be seen were tv broadcast trucks. It was like someone just got killed or was on trial. The Attorney General race was the biggest thing because there already was just one Republican and one democrat running for governor.

They gave us young people JB signs and told us to stand up on the stage and cheer when he came out. His mom, I think, spoke a little and then he came out.

This picture is from one of the Madison newspapers. I was nestled in the back on the other side holding a sign and I'm not in the picture at all. He came out and announced victory. Keeping an eye on the big screen behind me, I could see that whatever channel's news was on was carring him live, though it was a few seconds behind. He spoke for about 10 minutes and then he made the rounds to the various media outlets present.

It was pretty cool. Later I was standing and talking to Jenna and Jordan when JB came and walked by. He stopped, looked at me, and kept on going and spoke to Jenna and Jordan. That was a little akward. Perhaps if I do more, he'll know my name?

Reguardless, it was a good day. I had been hoping for JB since he came and spoke to us last year at a College Republicans meeting. (Bucher had come and spoken to us too; I enjoy hearing the candidates.) I'm hoping for the best for him in November.

In other news, Falk won the democratic primary for AG beating Peg 'the Keg'. They're both jokes, but Falk doesn't really have a record, being the Dane Co. executive, whereas Peg's the current AG. Turns out, Peg whooped Falk in Dane County, but Falk did well in the rest of the state. Another thing is today is the first day that the headlines on the papers with pictures around here aren't about how Falk won.

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