Wednesday, September 20

I'm that guy who bothered you on your commute home yesterday

Yesterday, us crazies went out and held signs on the pedestrian bridge between the Humanities Building and Vilas Hall (which, in case you don't know, is our local axis of ugly). We had strategically placed ourselves over one of the busiest stretches of road in the Greater Madison Metropolitan area, University Avenue. We caught all the workers heading for home to the south and west of the isthmus from 4:30 to 6 pm.

Since the weather has decided, as of late, not to cooperate, I got all bundled up, though I still wore shorts. All in all I was pretty surprised that many people showed up. I would say that we had more than 20 people there. We spanned all the way across University Avenue, which I think, is no small feat. It's a one way street with three lanes of traffic, two lane sized bike lanes, and a bus lane.

I held a J.B. Van Hollen sign at first, but there were lots of JB signs, so I picked up a Mark Green sign.

Holding a sign, and even waving it, is a rather passive activity so I observed the drivers. You'd be surprised how many people talk on cell phones--I would say about half. They'd be sitting there holding up their phones and every so often, it'd look like they were waving. Rather they'd just be shifting the phone to their other hand. I saw one lady who was flipping the page of a magazine held up against the steering wheel. When people weren't on cell phones, they were free to do other things with their hands.

In all, the people who did something, I'd say half of it was positive and half negative. About a quarter of people gave a thumbs down or they'd wag their finger. Another quarter would give us College Republicans the one finger salute. Some would even be so daring as to roll down the window and wave it out the car at us and the really cool people would try to shout at us.

On the other hand, there were fingers as well. Just kidding. Some people actually seemed to support us. Another quarter of the people who did something waved at us. And the final quarter honked. There was one thing that made up for all the fingers, a guy gave the thumbs up through his open moon-roof while he was parked in traffic below us.

It was rather fun, in a strange way, to agitate people. I don't mind the thumbs down, but giving the finger is disrespectful. If it were the other way around, I don't think that I would do anything because I'd probably be trying to escape back to reality after being in town all day long.

On a side note, most of the cars had just one person in them. It seems rather wasteful. There's talk of Madison bringing back street cars. I'd be up for that. There really aren't that many of them here in the US, but every city in Germany has them.

Anywho, I somehow ended up on the front page of the Daily Cardinal, which is ironic, being an editor over at the Beacon. The D.C. is a pretty liberal student newspaper.

How'd they know that's what I'm dreaming of? I'm pretty sure this'll be a dream come true in a few weeks. By the way, if you can, drive home on University Avenue a week from next Tuesday. You'll be able to flip me and my friend off!