Wednesday, July 12

You've Probably Seen the International Aisle in the U.S.

But have you ever wondered what the American section would look like in another country? Here's what it looks like at Auchan, the local Walmart-type superstore. By the way, the Mexico section forms a big 'L' shape around the U.S. section. (click for a larger image)
The entire American Way of Life has been reduced down to kidney beans, maple syrup, and marshmellow fluff. That would be a pretty gross combination.

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to. We're at the end of the second to last week here, so the workload has really picked up. I finally just finished the text for the post on Madrid. Enjoy, it's rather long. I've got to work on a design project due tomorrow for Statics, but then I'll work on getting the pictures up. I'm also a little sad that in 13 days, I'll be home, so I'll have to get all the posts in my head out soon.

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