Wednesday, July 5


Today we went on another field trip. This time it was to Airbus and their presentation went just like this: (make sure your sound is on)

Not really, obviously. (It's Monty Python) I was actually impressed. They showed us the assembly line of the A380, their biggest and flagship plane, which is brand new this year. I'll write more later.

That reminds me, sorry for not writing very much this week, we have/had a statics test and a presentation and paper due in EPD 397. I can't really write much now, because it's late. We just got back from the Capitole where we watched France whoop Portugal. In the World Cup, it's now France vs. Italy in the finals. As I type, there are several cars honking like crazy in the streets below. I also can't write much, because tomorrow I leave early (6:05 am) to go to Madrid, Spain. I'll be back Sunday at noon so check back for pictures and other fun stuff.

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