Thursday, June 1

Thursday: Salzburg

Salzburg is famous for one thing: salt. It's also where Mozart was born and lived. Ok, Salzburg is famous for two things: salt and Mozart and the Sound of Music. Salzburg is famous for three things: salt, Mozart, and the Sound of Music.

It was the first time that most of us took a train to get somewhere. I had only been on Metra from Fox Lake to Chicago. I don't mind it. It's kind of like flying but slower and way more casual. And you can see the landscape. Munich is not in the mountains but Salzburg is, so as we were rolling to the southeast the mountains popped up.

It's Mozartmania!!!

The nice thing about Austria is that only a few places were damaged during the war so most of their buildings and cities are still pretty original. We stopped in the big cathedral in town, it's the one with two green domes on its towers. It was really neat to finally see some Catholic cathedrals, since the churches we saw on the Romantic Road and in Britain are mostly Lutheran and Anglican, respectively.
Now onto Mozart.
This is the house where his parents geborted him in 1756. They lived on the 3rd floor, which for us would be the 4th, I think. They're playing with us. I can't tell anymore. The one with the open window. Third floor from the top. Unfortunately, they let some artist get a hold of the apartment so it's all whacked out and torn up and 'artsy'.

And this is his Wohnenhaus, where he lived. It was nearly the same way it was when he lived there, except half of it was blown up but they fixed it. They lived on the top floor here. It had a much better tour than his birth house.
You must bring us a shrubbery!
While I'm thinking about it, they say that all three of the hostels in Salzburg are crappy. I don't know about the others but I can tell you that ours was. We stayed at the Yoho Youth Hostel. It's motto was "easy to find and hard to leave". Switch easy and hard and that's what I thought.

The next several pictures were taken from this place on the hill over looking the city. They were able to afford it and built it because the trade route for white gold ran through here up to Munich. White gold is not cocain, rather it is salt, which they really needed bad in the Middle Ages to preserve their meat.
The city from the top

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