Monday, June 12

Saturday: I'm a Toulouser

Last Saturday, we had a pretty fun day. To get out and see the city, Dave, Dave, and I went to the Capitole and rented bikes. Here in Toulouse, the Capitole is their city hall and their biggest landmark. In addition, it's the point from which most of the streets in the city radiate. Anywho, it's less expensive to rent a bike for a day than to ride the subway. We then rode around the city for a couple of hours getting lost and unlost numerous times.

By the way, Toulouse is the 4th largest city in France with +400,000 people. It's known as the 'pink city' since every building in the city was built with brick because the ancient Romans showed the locals how to do something with all their clay.

The river Garonne which flows to the Atlantic.

the Canal Du Midi runs to the Mediterranean

We then watched the World Cup game England versus Paraguay. England won, 1-0. It was a much better game than Ecuador vs. Poland.

Q: How many Poles does it take to score a goal?
A: More than 12. (Just kidding)

I'm not into soccer at all but I think I've gotten a little more European since I've been here, so I watch some games. USA plays the Czech Republic at 6 pm here, which is 11 am for you. We're all kind of into it. I was asking around and all but one of the people I asked are cheering for England. The other person liked the German team. I think I'll cheer for the US until we lose and then I'll cheer for England.

All of Europe is excited that the World Cup is being played in Germany, this time. It happens every four years in a different country. Individual games are played in different cities all over the host country and the entire tournament is four weeks long.

It surprised me to find out that they're into rugby here in France. Toulouse, as a matter of fact, has a pretty good rugby team and the French superbowl of rugby was Saturday. They had set up a giant screen in the square and all were invited so we went to investigate.

The square which is the size of a full city block was packed with thousands of Toulousers. The big sign says that their team has made it to the playoffs 23 times. Having only seen parts of rugby games on ESPN, none of us knew what was going on most of the time so we followed the lead of the crowd as to when to cheer and boo. Toulouse got beat bad. We fled the hot sun and pavement with 10 minutes left and the score was 30-something to 6. To win, they would have had to score 3 times.

Something good happened
The entire square was packedThe front door of city hall

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