Saturday, June 3

Interlaken pictures

Here are pictures from last Saturday, when we went up into the mountains south of Interlaken, Switzerland.

a waterfall
these mountains keep their snow all year round

One last ride up to the top of the mountainThe view from the deck of the restaurant

it's getting cloudy
The mountains from Mürren. It was just above freezing and I was actually wearing pants.

Several hundred meters lower, Gimmelwald.The tops of the mountains
Looking down the hill to the town in the bottom of the valley. Yes, there's a thousand foot high cliff between here and there.
In Gimmelwald looking up at Mürren

A mountain stream
These are the mountains up by where the restaurant is
Don't slip off the path Ah, only a few more meters. The valleys in the Alps are U-shaped because glaciers carved them out.
Looking west on the eastern side of the lake to the west of Interlaken

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