Wednesday, June 14

Hopping Along

Well, I only have a few minutes to blog on account of having to do work for my two classes. On the bright side, I'm looking forward to going to Paris this weekend.

Today was a quite a normal day here. Oh, except I unintentionally ate rabbit for lunch in the cafeteria. I would have figured that cafeterias were below such cuisine, but then again, it's pretty French here in France. Out of the selection from which to choose, I chose the least questionable meat. It was after I got to the table and had a bite, that Laura, one of our beloved professors (extra credit please), mentioned that it was rabbit. It wasn't that bad, actually. Had I not known, its taste would have placed it between turkey and chicken.

It was the second time in my life I'd eaten rabbit. The only thing I could think of the whole time was the two pet rabbits we had several years ago. Pretending it was something normal, I ate it right away so it didn't have to look at me, besides I didn't want to waste food.

In other news, the US lost to the Czech Republic in the World Cup. Why do I care? I don't normally, but I do. Their Europeaness must be contagious. Socializm bad. Socializm BAD!

Last night, one of the French students stopped by and said that they want to hang out sometime. They want to find out what Americans are like. This will be interesting; it will be neat to interact with real French people and ones that speak English.

Yesterday, we didn't have class because we went to some kind of international conference for colleges in our exchange group, organization, thing. One of the many mottos my high school baseball coach had was that "if you're early you're on time and if you're on time, you're late". It seems like it's the exact opposite here in France, at least the southern part, "if you're on time, you're early, and if you're late, well, you're still early". We arrived to the conference late and we still stood around and "mingled" for at least half an hour before anything happened.

Once the conference resumed, it took about two hours to watch 15 minutes of presentations. There's just something about powerpoints; Microsoft seems to know how to lull me to sleep. Claire gave a good speech about our thing. For some reason, our name tags all said "University of Madison". I don't think the French like to pronounce 'Wisconsin', they seem to have trouble with it. There were other students from the other groups here in town. Then it was set up like a panel discussion.

I almost started laughing out loud when this one woman started speaking. I guess it was her accent. She droned on about the a certain School of Mines, calling it 'Mines' in her deep smokers' accent. There was this little woman with a deep growly voice. I found that and all these seemingly unconnected presentations and ramblings about whatnot and semesters and tuitions hilarious. Then there was a presentation by students from Illinois about how to make a good website. The guy kept on saying 'u-ni-ver-si-TEE'. People came from across North America and Europe just to be bored to death. I should probably stop before I say too much, but we did get 'cool' Airbus t-shirts. I'll explain my feelings about Airbus later.

Oops! It seems I've rambled on quite a bit. That's what happens when I try to avoid doing something. That and I know how some people don't like to read really long blog posts. I promise it won't happen every day.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment or two, ask a question, or write something mean, I like to laugh. Skype me, I'm the only Mike Fay in Toulouse.


bruter said...

Hey Mike,

Check out this article, what a moron!
Have a great time in Paris, if you see Mona tell her I said hi.

Mr. Bruton

Mike said...

That is a little strange. I think I drive through Millard on my way to Madison from home, it's on highway A. So now, I guess they've got a stop sign and a Hitler Museum. As for Lisa, will do.