Friday, June 2

Friday: Traveling from Salzburg to Interlaken

Dear diary,

Today I was in four different countries: Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland. We had two train rides: Salzburg to Zurich through Germany and Innsbruck, and Zurich to Interlaken through Bern. The first one was 6 hours long and the second was 2. We went up and down through the mountains and tunnels in Austria. I was pleasantly surprised when the railroad happened to go through Vaduz, Lichtenstein. It only took about 10 minutes to go through that country.

Then since Switzerland isn't part of the EU, Swiss customs people came aboard and looked at all of our passports.

Despite my dislike of the Euro, I wish the Swiss weren't holding out with their Swiss Franks. We had to play with their money which is very colorful but has portraits of weird people staring at you. I managed to not have more than 20 Francs in cash at a time. They only reason I see why Europe should use the Euro is for convenience, but that isn't a very good reason to do anything. By the way, 1 CHF = $0.80 and 1.5 CHF = 1 euro.

Switzerland is very beautiful. All of the buildings have that ski resort look, even Austria did. Also there are actually flat areas in Switzerland.

Now for the photos, I don't think Google likes me putting so many pictures on my blog so I'm going to try something else.

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