Thursday, June 29

Even the Keyboards Have Accents

Today I had to go to the computer lab to do some printing. I had to navigate the strange, new keyboard. You can click on it for a bigger picture.
It reminded me of that time in Rothenburg, Germany when I had to use the hostel computer to get to the internet although this whole trip I've been using an Engineering Physics Dept laptop (thank you!). Sometimes I'd get wireless signals; but it wasn't happening in that town. They had a pay computer, € 0.50 for 8 minutes. I put in .50 and the clock started. I manged to get to the UW email website. I got my user name in and then had to type my password, which is a pattern on the keyboard. I didn't realize that they were in a different order until I couldn't log in. I ended up spending about 6 minutes searching the internet for "American keyboard" in order to figure out the symbols. I got in and checked.

Excluding the symbols, the German keyboards are very similar to our keyboards, mainly a letter or two are switched and instead of the ; and ' keys, they had something like ä and ö. As you can see, there is a much larger difference with French keyboards. By the way, Windows is the same but the words are obviously in French. This is what I can remember: OK is the same, annular is cancel, something like fermer is save, and imprinter is print.

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