Thursday, June 15

A City Saunter

Dave and I took the subway to the other side of Toulouse and we walked back to the train station to ride it back. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; I'm going to save the the typing and write a novel.

One of many random French streets
some people were playing bocce, we think, in the park
An old bridge over the Garonne. A sign said that the worst flood to ever happen was at the end of the 18th centruy when the river flooded over the wall in the foreground and inundated the city.

a panorama from the high point on the bridge
walking around in the downtown
the Canal du Midi, built in the 1600's
French Cafeteria Report: I'm 95% sure I ate some liver today. Yum Yum. The French speakers were saying it was veal; but the piece of meat was flat and curvey--liver shaped. Oh, and I've never tasted meat with that taste before. Yesterday: rabbit, today: liver. I'm glad I won't be around tomorrow. Horse? cow brains?... I wonder if the French have a game where they try to see what they can feed the foreigners. I should have just gone with the fish, but I thought I was playing it safe by choosing the thing that looked like a steak. Only in a French cafeteria.

By the way, I'm going to Paris tomorrow morning, bright and early at 6:08 am, not to return until late Sunday night. See you all on Sunday.


Steve S said...

Horse is actually quite tasty - you should try some!

Mike said...

I guess I would try a little just to say that I have but I don't think I could manage a horse burger. To me, it seems that throughout history, horses have proven themselves worth more than foodstuffs.