Monday, June 26

Are You Ouvert or Geschossen?

One thing you'll notice if you travel to Europe is that all the stores close early. England turns into a ghost town promptly at 5:30 pm and it seems like the continent closes at 7 pm. Everything closes except for restaurants and some landmarks. Pretty much everything is closed on Sundays, too, which is kind of awkward if you're a tourist and only have so much time.

Here's an article about how stores on the Champs-Elysees, the big tourist area, in Paris are fighting to stay open on Sundays. In Germany, they're watching what's happening as they've relaxed the rules for the World Cup. In some countries, the Catholic Church is doing the fighting to keep stores closed, but in France, they make the observation that keeping stores open could help to reduce the nearly 10% unemployment.

Thanks to Dave B.

By the way, 'ouvert' is 'open' in French, and 'geschossen' is 'closed' in German.

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