Thursday, June 8

Ah, it's the weekend

Is this the world's largest vending machine?
It, quite well, may be. It's two blocks away and always on, sitting there, and watching, ready to dispence various convience store items. There are computers doing a lot of things here. For instance, the subway--Toulouse has one and a half subway lines--is operated by a computer. As I remarked today when we sat down, I hope the computer isn't P.O.'ed. And if my suspicions are correct, France, itself, may be run by a computer. Just kidding. Although, I think, a computer might be able to handle Liechtenstein. UW-Madison's budget is 2.5 times the size of their GDP.

We just got back from the big store, Auchan. It's just like a super walmart. That's what we call it. We have a kitchen here, but there's nothing in it. I bought a bowl, plate, paper, duck tape, and a bag of imitation corn flakes.

As it turns out, I'm already learning some French:

in addition to the obvious words like yes/no/thanks/please/good day/evening

  • ooo-A = where is
  • ooo-A-le-ley = where is the milk?
  • le fem = the girls
  • le sal = the salt
  • le eau = the water
  • zuh-vo-dre ... = I would like ...
  • pointing at stuff also works
I try to learn something new everyday

We don't have class on Friday, so it's the weekend already for me. And I'm 7 hours ahead of Wisconsin so, have a nice Thursday and Friday, I guess. Tonight there's some kind of welcome thing at the Capitole, the city hall, here for us. But, right now, there's a Toblerone bar singing my name in my desk.


bruter said...

Hey Mike,

Schools out here for summer!

I'm teaching summer school though, so Monday will start like any other day

I checked out your pics on that othter site, It worked geat

Have a great weekend

Mr. Bruton

Brucie said...


Sounds AWESOME! You are an inspiration. Don't be dissin' Liechtenstein! :) Enjoy your time there. I'll pop in often to see how your adventures are going!