Tuesday, June 6

1st Day

Hi Everyone; It's Tuesday morning and today is our first day. Yesterday was a French holiday so we didn't have school. We're getting oriented today around campus and the city.

From what I've seen of it already, I think Toulouse is a very nice place. Even the weather is nice. Yesterday it was 83 degrees, sunny, and 25% humidity. Today it's supposed to be 83 again. In Wisconsin it's always humid when it's hot and I don't like it, but when it's hot and dry it feels perfect out.

Yesterday, we went to the big store. It's like a super walmart with a mall in front. I got some good deals in the 1 euro bins. They have an entire aisle devoted to cheese. It's a full aisle on both sides! We also stopped by the bolongier, I know I spelled that wrong. It's the baker. They have a large section in the back devoted to that too. You can get those long skinny breads for half a euro here.

I'm getting better at the French. I can recognize words and tell what they're trying to write from knowing Spanish. But listening is another story. The first day I was here, it just sounded like a string of vowels, with some s's a few l's and a couple of t's. But now I can actually hear syllables. And I'm starting to learn some French words; only spoken, though.

Like I said, today is our first day so I'll take pictures and post about it. I'm still working on getting the rest of my days up.

My room faces east, so I have the sun in my eyes right now. The only thing to which I think I can relate this area to would be Southern California, from what I've heard of it. It's hot and dry and the landscape looks almost like it's semi-arid. The trees are smaller and scrubbier and there isn't so much grass out in the countryside. Also all of the buildings are stucco or stone and have terra cotta rooves.

Well, I've got to get dressed for today.

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bruter said...

Hey Mike,

Final Exam week here at Wilmot, yeah the week we have been looking for! Graduation in the new "Bruton Center" went well on Sunday. Enjoying your trip via the blog, thanks.

Mr. Bruton