Thursday, May 4

A year in Review

I have five finals in three days next week and a report due in two days, so I'm dragging my feet as much as possible. Although I'm nearly at the end of it—I'm so bored I've turned to studying my calculus book for a few hours each night the past couple of nights. Although I'm Green, when it comes to vector calculus, I'm Stoked to be learning Gauss's theorem. (Even if you had read the chapter in the book, that'd probably not be funny [Green, Stoke, and Gauss each have theories relating to vector calculus]) I've decided to start writing the report due on Saturday soon, but I can't start now, my roommate is watching tv, so I'll blog a little.

I didn't write anything for the paper about the end of the year so now seems like a good time to do so. This is my first year at college so I went through that whole Madison experience. It has been a quite a learning experience.

Things I've learned at college:

  • The Brewers' old logo is an 'm' and a 'b' combined into baseball glove. That's really cool and it made my day when I realized it. As a matter of fact, I think it looks better than their current logo.
  • I will never again get A's without working hard
    • Follow up: no matter what I do, the group of foreign kids, sitting in the front corner of the lecture hall, who can barely speak English, will always score higher than me on exams
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch unless the University is trying to get people to show up to something
  • Most professors are very 'unique'
  • I don't like roommates
  • Since we're in the city, the only kind of wildlife we get is squirrels and hippies
  • For many people, personal hygiene takes a backseat to acquiring an education
    • Follow up: hippies aren't some kind of urban myth
  • My high school's food wasn't so gross after all
  • Fill the bubble in completely as partially fillings, x's, and other marks are unacceptable
  • It's all about how each person interprets/feels/identifies as something, unless I'm being graded
  • Get enough sleep every night or else my Spanish class will seem like a foreign language

Indeed, I have learned many a thing this year. One of the biggest things to happen to me is that my beliefs were tested, confirmed, and reinforced this year and in the future. No surprises are the political beliefs. Walking into the giant sandbox and seeing exactly what kind of people say the things they do and the stuff they do is interesting and at sometimes angering. The hypocrisy, ignorance, and blind anger are hilarious at some times and at other times so confused that I feel embarrassed for the person. But that's another post.

I have had the pleasure of meeting probably more than two thousand people this year. I sure don’t remember some of their faces and most of their names but I do look forward to working and studying with them in the future. From the Civil Engineers, to the College Republicans, to the all Letters & Sciences people and Letters & Bottlers, to the Mendota Beaconites, to the Oggonians, Sellerites, and Witt├ęs, from the mathematicians to the chemists, to the linguists and statisticians and journalists, from the politicians and professors and bloggers. Also to the seniors graduating that I know, have a great summer and an even better future! Congratulations and good luck!

Madison is a city surrounded by several lakes and reality, but it is fun. Although there are plenty of liberals and hippies here, I am not ever worried about them. In fact I kind of like it, because as I said earlier, they challenge what I know. Also, there is no shortage of free entertainment. All the time they hold rallies and protests and try to rearrange proven economic principles and theories.

As a matter of fact, just this Monday, someone ran into my calculus lecture with a megaphone trying in vain to rally the masses to boycott businesses and classes but we just laughed him away. Besides, is there really anything to fear when their most enlightened thinkers are Al Franken, Michael Moron, and Jimmy Carter?

I suspect that this post is starting to get long, and I need to start on that report and I've played through "Rubber Soul" and "Sgt. Pepper" already, so I'll try to wrap it up. (If only I could write articles this easily!) My first year of college has been great but there are some things about high school I didn’t realize until I left.

My high school class had about 230 people in it and I miss how most of us 'mainstream people' knew each other. It's kind of weird going to discussions and lectures and only knowing a person or two, if you're lucky. I guess, all in all, it's a 'knowing people' thing because I also miss how most of us knew all our teachers. I think it's a little strange to go to lectures 3 or 4 times a week and the only thing you know about the person is their name. I also miss all the people who identify as "less smart". Where did they go? If they were here the curves would always work out. It's weird here because everyone is smart and you can't take anything for granted. Oh well, that's just college and I feel like I'm actually being challenged for the first time.

So that was my year in review. I plan on this summer and next year being even better. I'm also going to try to run a better blog, so stop by again soon and leave some comments!

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