Wednesday, May 31

Pictures from Yesterday

Here are some pictures from yesterday, which would be Tuesday, Dienstag, as I promised.

You'd be surprised at how much English there is here
look out for the picket fences!
Now for serious stuff
Das Kriminalmuseum in Rothenburg o.d.T.

The moat around the walled city of Dinkelsb├╝rh
another German village

we paid the 1 euro to climb the 90 meter tower of the Church of St. George, in Nordlingen

On the outskirts of a town, people rent plots to grow gardens

A very famous castle on a hillAh, the gently rolling hills
The 'Beautiful Blue Danube"? It's really quite brown. All the rivers here are either muddy brown or a whitish green. By the way, in Germany, it's known as the 'Donau', which took me a minute to realize that the Donau and Danube are the same thing. It's the second longest river in Europe.


bruter said...

Hey Mike,

Great pics, hope your enjoying Mozart!

Mr. Bruton

Tim said...

Awesome pics Mike. I also liked your map from the previous post. Continue to have a good time in Europe.

Jenna said...

I LOVE that "Der Computer" sign!
That's hilarious.