Tuesday, May 30

Monday: Don't O.D. on Rothenburg o.d.T.

Hi Everyone, it's Tuesday night and I find myself in Munich, Germany, but so I don't forget, this is going to be about Monday. I would have written yesterday, but there was no internet to be easily found. We got up early and walked two blocks to the Romantic Road bus stop. Despite your probable impression, no, the bus wasn't apolstered in red and the seats didn't go all the way back. The Romantic Road is basically Germany as how you imagine it.

We got on the bus at 8. We then were wisked at a brisk 120 kmh down the autobahn in the slow lane in a half full tour bus. We then picked up the Strasse where ever it started and were in Rothenburg ob der Tauber by noon. It was a very important city a very long time ago. When we disembarked from the bus, the station unbeknowst to us, was on the other side of the city and it started to rain like crazy. We then found the hostel.

When we entered, my first impression was that of an orphinage. Sorry, for my spelling, it's kind of hard to spell correctly when changing 7 time zones and seening words that look like gibberish all day long. Yes, there were little kids. Supposedly, the minimum age of IH hostels is 14, but they seemed more like 12; the same as our hyper little kids except they were screaming in German. Later in the day, I think they called me "sweiney" which translates literaly as "piggie". At least they were calling each other that. I actually wanted to speak German to them but they kept on running away.

We then split up and explored. John and I, let Rick Steves guild us about the sights. We did many things and saw many sights, like climbing the cityhall tower. Rothenburg is a walled city and all the buildings are the originals. They only bad thing is that the city is all touristy. Probably the most tourism based in the whole country.

We then walked the 1.5 miles of walkable wall there was in the city.

The weather was beautiful on Sunday, but today and yesterday, it's been downpouring on and off and in the low 60's/upper 50's.

In the evening, after dinner, we partook in various activities. Some of the other people went out, and I went to check my email on the computer in the lobby, one of 9 internet computers in two different places in the city. I went to the my.wisc site and tried to log in. It didn't take me. I then looked down and realized that the y and z are switched and all the symbols are mixed up. Since my password is a pattern, I spend 6 of the 8 minutes half a euro got me trying to figure out my password by searching for 'American keyboard' on google.

Wrapping it up, the mattress was about 2 inches thick and so was the pillow, but I slept well.

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