Sunday, May 28

Ich bin ein Frankenfurter!

Today, after we landed and collected everyone at the airport and then navigated onto a train that took us into the city, we walked around Frankfurt, Germany. Germany is pretty cool and a little strange--it's pretty much just like Wisconsin, but the buildings are different. There are lots of trees and it's neat to be valking down ze strasse und people are spreking deutsch. I've been saying "Guten Tag" and I feel like my German from senior year is coming back. Unfortuately, it seems like the Germans aren't quite as friendly as the British. Right now I'm hoping that it's just because we're in the big city, but we'll see. And it'll be interesting to see how the Austrians and Swiss are different.

I'm really surprised at how much English there is here. In stores and ads it's seems like it's used as a marketing tool. But I try to speak German to them. Also, my pure Madison lungs aren't used to all the smoke here. Everybody smokes. Even in the train stations and in the airport.

We walked around a lot today. It was nearly two miles to where we ate dinner and then we probably 'wanderen'ed around for another 4 miles on our way back. Since I can't think of a better way to do this, here are some of the best pictures I took today. (I'm a freak, I took more than 400)

This one is 6 pictures pieced together of downtown Frankfurt. This happens to be the biggest euro I've ever seen. This building is actually the "Euro Center". It's the headquarters of the evil of all evils.

Oh, here's me giddy over my new found monopoly money in the airport

Heading into the city

Frankfurt is pretty much the only city in Europe with modern skyscrapers

Our hostel is really nice; it's almost like a hotel and it's got wireless. It's double rooms and each room has its own bathroom. Unfortunately, we're about a block away from the 'red light district'. As a matter of fact, across the street there's a chain porn store that was in the airport, among other 'establishments'. Here's up the strasse:

The tallest building in Europe until last year, the Commerzbank Tower at 850 feet and 56 floors.
This is a panarama of the River Main I made, the skyscrapers are behind me
A German alley
Looking up the river
Heading toward the old part of town

We saw plenty of the tiny cars parked around
From the top of the mall
The Opera House
I made this panarama of Frankfurt's skyline

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