Wednesday, May 24

A Brilliant Idea

When I went home, I decided that since I had just completed a year at one of the best universities in the country, I ought to start acting like it. So I went to the bookstore and got myself hooked on phonics. I started off with the classic "The Great Gatsby" and then followed it up with "1984". Some how I had managed to graduate high school without having to read about Gatsby. Now I'm on "the Scarlet Letter" and "the Old Man and the Sea" is on deck.

I really enjoyed reading "1984" and I couldn't put it down. It takes place in London in 1984, which was the future in the 40's. The entire world has 3 giant countries which are oligopositic dictatorships. What had been the UK and USA, among other places, has become a country called 'Oceania' rulled by Big Brother and the Party. What makes this totalitarianism different is that the goverment controls what the people think by rewriting history and changing all the documents whenever some fact changes. Also in addition to broadcasting their 'video screens' film you. If a person doesn't believe in the party, then the Thought Police come and take you to the Ministry of Love (everything is named opposite of what it really is) to be tortured.

Winston is the main character. In the story he does some revolting even though he's employed to change newspaper articles to agree with the government. Some stuff transpires and it's got an awesome ending, I thought. But I don't want to ruin it, so read it. It's actually got a lot of implications for today.

So this is my idea: since the Humanities Building is being torn down in a couple of years, why not rename it to the "Ministry of Love"? It would be hilarious. We all love humanity and that building tortures us just by its sight. And then its hideous partner, Vilas Hall, can be the "Ministry of Truth", because they're into broadcasting and 'publishing'.

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