Tuesday, April 4

Vote No to Cut and Run

Today's the day here in Madison for the referendum to decide whether we should withdrawal immediately or not. If you're not located near here, you probably think I'm hallucinating or something, but it's true, there's a referendum here about that today. It's pretty looney, Madison doesn't decide foreign policy. I'll be voting no, hopefully. As the marine, I can't remember his name, said at the "vote no panel", "If it passes, it'll break the soldiers' hearts."

Update: 1:15 PM
I just voted. Excluding the war referendum, it was just local offices, judges and school board. I asked the ballot lady, I was #44 and the place that she had came from had about 230 voters. Much lower turnout than I figured for the place next to three dorms with about 3,000 people in them.

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