Tuesday, April 4

New Beacon Out Today!

The second issue of the Mendota Beacon as a weekly is out today! A timely theme to many of the articles is voting, whether it be the ASM debacle and subsequent revolution, the war referendum, or the race for the governor's office. Don't forget the Presidency, Iran, or the Brewers.

In the opinion/editorial section, leading off is the Ed Board's "Mandate for Change", followed by Mike Woofter hitting hard with his "15% Turnout: a Shameful Record", next Elijah Sheets hits one up the gap with "Punching a Hole in Balanced Media", and finally, heavy-hitter Robert Thelen doesn't disappoint with "Farewll & Good Riddance, ASM".

I was a little saddened to find that my article didn't make it, although that's understandable when there are relevant opinions to current events. Besides I'm consoled by the fact that next week's issue will contain my debut as Op/Ed editor, as I'll be taking gradually taking on the role of the editor starting with doing the layout.

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