Monday, April 3

It's a College Life

This week is one of those crazy midterm weeks. This evening, I have an Economics 101 midterm, and Wednesday I have a Statistics 224, Statistics for Engineers, midterm. If you would like to see what the example test the econ professor gave us looks like, click here for the questions and here to see the answers (I tried to hide names to protect the innocent). I guess they're really not that bad.

Statistics will be more difficult. The material can be hard, but I like the professor because she's kind of crazy, in a good way. For example, one of the example problems we had today was:

There's a poll for an election. 351 people were surveyed and 185 said they'd vote for Nader.Within a 95% confidence level, what's the probability he'll win?

The answer is 19 times out of 20, he'll get between 47.5% and 57.9% of the vote.

She then went into an 'oration', which she's prone to doing. This one was about how all the people in her neighborhood are dummies because they vote blindly for democrats. I guess she can't take Madison either. Then it was about how dems and the GOP are really all the same. Then she told us about an experiment she did with the voting machines. She voted for a third party candidate, and in the local results, that person didn't get any votes.

Don't get the wrong impression, I like her and her lectures.

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