Tuesday, April 25

College Republicans-hot off the press

I just got back from the CR meeting. Since it's the last meeting of the year we had elections.

Ashok Kumar won the Enemy of Freedom award
CR of the Semester goes to David Lapidus

Officer Positions:

Erica Christenson-Chair
LaVonne Derksen-1st Vice Chair
Craig Nipple-2nd Vice Chair
Your's Truly-Secretary
Paula Callahan-Treasurer

I though that my speech was pretty good, except when having to trim it down to the abridged version because the meeting was passing the 90 minute mark, I accidentally left out, what I thought, was the best paragraph:

Brothers and sisters! Be not afraid of the liberals, for although we commute daily up and down the steps of the celebrated ivory tower, and from time to time we face Bill and co-op, empowered with the power of hemp, we still have each other. It’s like that saying: the only thing we have to fear is death. Death and taxes.

and then I ended with

In conclusion, vote Fay for emperor.
Paid for by Friend of Mike Fay, Mike Fay chair.

From what I did say, everyone probably thinks I'm nuts now.

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