Friday, March 31

The Winds of Change are Blowing

The huge mess, into which ASM's election has decended (see 2 posts down), seems to have been the last straw for students. Last night in Memorial Union, a group of students, from all over the spectrum, met to have a discussion out of which the new Student Government was formed.

Click for articles in the Daily Cardinal, Badger Herald, and opinion in Badger Herald by Steve Schwerbel, the de facto leader. In the Blogoshpere, The Madison Freedom Fighter and Brad V at Letters in Bottles sum it up pretty well.

I'm disappointed that I didn't find out until afterwards, but it sounds like it's sucessfully moving ahead.

ASM definitely has some 'issues'. You know things are pretty bad when, according to their press release, their computer voting system crashed after “an unprecedented 15% of the UW student body had already cast votes”. (That's only 6,100 people) The fact that they, although I know it was also DOIT's fault, couldn't handle or plan for more people shows just how irrelevant ASM has become to students who aren't looking for resume filler or easy credits or hand outs for their special interests. In addition, they didn't even plan 7 write in spots for 7 possible votes. I could go on, but the links explain it well.

I've gotten word that this morning, there was to be a meeting between a representative of the Chancellor and the Student Government.

In the near future, Student Government will have to frame a constitution. Probably next fall, to terminate ASM, according to its constitution, it will take a 2/3 affirmative vote by at least 10% of students in a referendum.

By the way, keep me posted and let me know when the next meeting is. If nothing else, doing this will at least force reform and changes to ASM and those terrible seg fees.

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studentgov said...

Well, it was actually between the Interim Dean of Students and the SG, but we're hoping to meet with Wiley when he gets back from out of town.