Wednesday, March 29

Campus Elections & Voting

From yesterday, Tuesday, to Thursday, this week, students across campus were supposed to be voting in the Associated Students of Madison elections, our 'student government' thing. Several seats are up for election in the student council and SSFC. The student council is the general council with 33 members. Each college gets a certain number of seats; Letters and Sciences has the most because they're half the college.

SSFC, the Student Services Finance Committee, doles out the approximately $27 million dollars from our segregated fees, which are about $666.16 per year for 41,000 students, and there's no opting out. The money gets delegated out to the student organizations and pays for everything from the student Unions to a sketchy organization known as "Sex out Loud".

As for the elections, I recommend the Robin Hood Slate. ASM has 'slates' instead of political parties and Robin Hood is the conservative group.

Now, for the fun stuff: the referendums.

The first is WUFIP, the Wisconsin Union Facilities Improvement Plan, which would increase the seg. fees by nearly $200 per year to remodel Memorial Union and knock down and rebuild a better Union South. Check out the article in the Mendota Beacon I wrote about it. And here, for another article.

The second referendum is one that won't die despite being ruled illegal last fall, the "Living Wage Referendum". It would require that seg fees can only go to organizations that pay more than $10.23 per hour.

I say vote NO on both of them. As I wrote in my article, the plan was thrown together and the costs aren't justified. Also, they made a wish list and are making us pay for it. Many people are against it: the dirty hippies and the conservatives.

The living wage referendum is also not worthy of being approved. Economics should determine what a job is worth. Most of the jobs in the unions are held by students who either sweep the floor or swipe cards. If this gets approved, the all the prices will go up, and seg fees will have to increase to cover organizations paying overly expensive salaries.

It came out this afternoon that the computer that keeps track of the online voting, crashed and all the votes were lost. Roughly 15% of students, about 6500 had voted already. If/when people can vote again, here's a link to cast a vote.

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