Sunday, March 26

Baby You're a Rich Man

There's an article out about Ingvar Kamprad, the man who gave the world IKEA.

GENEVA (Reuters) - IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, ranked 4th richest man in the world, drives a 15-year-old car and always flies economy class, in part to inspire his 90,000 employees worldwide to see the virtue of frugality.

The billionaire Swede, who turns 80 on March 30, explained his legendary habits during a rare television interview in Switzerland, his adoptive home for nearly 30 years.


"People say I am cheap and I don't mind if they do..."


Asked to confirm he drove an old Volvo, he said: "She is nearly new, just 15 years old, or something like that."


His home in the Swiss village of Epalinges near Lausanne above scenic Lake Geneva is mainly decorated with Ikea furniture, apart from a few family pieces.

You'd think with his $28 billion, he'd be able to get some nice furniture.

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